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20-Pack of Red Silicone Fingerboard O-Ring Tuning

20-Pack of Red Silicone Fingerboard O-Ring Tuning

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Each o-ring is made from silicone, the same material used in most professional shaped tuning. Our silicone o-rings are high quality o-rings that last a long time, have a soft yet strong durometer, and come in our own custom colors (some of which you can’t find anywhere else!).

Each pack includes 20 o-rings.

Each o-ring has an outer diameter of 4mm, an inner diameter of 1.5mm, and a thickness of 1.5mm. The perfect size for your fingerboard trucks.

Washers are not included but are recommended. Do not over tighten your nut/locknut when using silicone o-rings.

These o-ring packs can be used for personal use or resold under your own brand.