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Handmade Fingerboard Setup Bag - Camo Colorawy

Handmade Fingerboard Setup Bag - Camo Colorawy

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This Fingerboard Setup Bag is perfect for taking a fingerboard setup on the go. 

This bag is a part of the collaboration between Finger Space and Trash Bags.

Each bag is completely handmade by the owner of Trash Bags in the Philippines. 

Features a solid design with precise hand stitches, a velcro opening, a custom Finger Space x Trash Bags tag, and a keychain attachment. 

This bag holds one standard fingerboard setup (maximum width of 34mm, maximum length of 101mm).

Please note: the fingerboard in the photo is not included. It is for demonstration purposes. 

Your bag may look slightly different to the bag in the photo because each camp pattern is unique.