"Monster Madness" Eco Series Graphic Fingerboard Deck

"Monster Madness" Eco Series Graphic Fingerboard Deck

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The "Monster Madness" graphic is made of five plies of maple wood with a solid "Monster Madness" graphic on the bottom ply. 

Each deck is 100m long and is available in 32mm and 34mm widths. 

Each deck is professionally packed with a free sheet of 0.5mm Space Tape and a free space sticker.

Each board has medium to low kicks and concave.

The "Eco Series" decks are the perfect fingerboard for beginners or fingerboarders who want to get the best quality while on a budget. 

Each board is pressed and shaped in China, then is sent to Finger Space in the USA for the finishing touches and quality check. Each graphic is locally made and applied in the USA. 

We also offer the "Elite Series" which is handmade in the USA from start to finish, but our "Eco Series" is a great budget option with high quality and great performance.