Premium Mini Finger Scooter - "Blackhole" Edition
Premium Mini Finger Scooter - "Blackhole" Edition

Premium Mini Finger Scooter - "Blackhole" Edition

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Miniature Finger Scooters are perfect for fingerboarders, miniature lovers, collectors, or anyone who wants to add a miniature scooter to their collection! 

The Finger Space Mini Scooters are constructed from a sturdy and heavy duty metal, along with a powder coating and high quality plastic, rubber, and silicone parts.

Each Mini Scooter includes:

  • 1 Mini Finger Scooter with pre-installed red silicone grips and red rubber wheels 
  • Clear travel/storage case
  • Spare set of black wheels
  • Spare set of black grips
  • Spare black fork 
  • Spare black clamp
  • Mini tool
  • Mini stand 
  • Finger Space stickers 

Each scooter is made of a metal deck and bars that are held together with a die-cast clamp and fork. Each scooter features red silicone grips that are pre-installed on the handlebars and will also include a set of black silicone grips. Red and black rubber/plastic wheels are also pre-installed, along with a sheet of pre-installed black skate grip. Each scooter also features a functional metal brake. 

The hardware and screws on the scooter are the same size as standard fingerboard nuts/bolts, enabling you to use any fingerboard tool or hardware on this scooter.

Each scooter is 3.2 inches (80mm) tall with a 2.2 inch (58mm) wide T-Bar. Each clear case is 4.3 inches long (110mm), 3.5 inches (88mm) wide, and is also perfect for storing fingerboard gear. 

Please note: Since each scooter is powder coated, the paint will come off over time as you ride it, similar to a "real wear" fingerboard or a real life scooter. Some scooters may also come with small imperfections or chips in the paint since each scooter is powered coated by hand.