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"The Mono" Modern Display Stand
"The Mono" Modern Display Stand

"The Mono" Modern Display Stand

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Finger Space has a line of modern display cases for your fingerboard collection! These cases are quick and easy to use, plus each display comes with a stand so it can be placed on any flat surface. Show off your collection on your desk, shelf, tabletop or any other flat surface.

“The Mono” version olds one fingerboard deck.

1x display body
1x stand for the display body

Each display case has a plastic frame with two clear films to place the objects in-between. Open up the display, place your gear how you would like it, then close it and place it on the stand. Each display clips closed and will stay closed. The clear film is flexible to fit wheels/trucks or varying sizes. Do not overfill the display or try fit things that are too big.