Return Policy

Finger Space quality checks all items before shipping, but in the event that you run into an issue with a damaged or faulty item, here are our store policies: 


Finger Space offers a guarantee on all products. Any products that breaks due to product flaws within 2 weeks (14 days) or delivery may be replaced.

Warranty excludes products that are broken or damaged due to excessive use, excessive outdoor use on indoor products, usage for more than 14 days, or have been used for purposes not related to fingerboarding.


  • Finger Space will handle damaged items on a case by case basis.
  • When your parcel is delivered you agree to check it for any damage within 3 days of delivery (including USA and International holidays), if any item was damaged in transit please keep all packaging that came with the parcel as these are essential in seeing how the shipping carrier damaged the parcel for compensation. 
  • Any photos or videos will help us to determine the issue. Please keep the damaged product and any damaged outer packaging as you may need to return it to us.
  • Please ensure to contact us ASAP about any issues with items once you receive them. After a few days, we are unable to distinguish between user wear and tear and defective products. Products that have been used such as set-up or skated on, cannot be claimed as damaged upon arrival, as by using them you accept them in their state.

Faulty products:

  • Please contact us immediately about any issues with the products as soon as you notice them. Subsequent claims are not possible. After a few days, we are unable to distinguish between user wear and tear and defective products.
  • If a product is not working as intended this can be submitted as a warranty claim within 14 days of receiving it.
  • Faulty products that have been used, such as decks that are set-up/built or skated on by using them, accept the products in their state.


Some Finger Space offerings include prototype, unreleased, or blemished products at a discount price. 

By purchasing a product that is marked as a prototype or blemish product, you accept that the product may be less than perfect and have flaws. 

These items are sold as-is, and returns, refunds are not accepted. By purchasing a prototype or blem item, you agree to these terms.