"The Wave" Two Tone Adhesive Fingerboard Board Rails

"The Wave" Two Tone Adhesive Fingerboard Board Rails

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"The Wave" board rails feature a wavy shape that will look great under any fingerboard setup! 

These board rails are made in the USA from a smooth and strong material. The base color is black, with a smooth orange top. 

Each set of board rails has a die cut 3M adhesive backing for easy and smooth application. This 3M backing is incredibly strong and will adhere to most wooden decks. 

Each set includes 2 board rails in professional Finger Space packaging. 

Want a custom shape? If you're interested in designing your own custom shape, please reach out to us at or on Instagram for more information. 

Each board rail is 38mm long and 1.5mm thick.

How to apply fingerboard board rails:
1. Determine where you would like to place your board rails and prep the area by cleaning it, wiping it, or ensuring that it is smooth and clean. Make sure the area is dry and dust/lint free before applying. 
2. Gently and slowly peel off the die-cut 3M adhesive backing from the board rail.
3. Press the board rail firmly onto your deck and allow the adhesive to settle for a few minutes before riding. 
4. Start seating your new set of board rails! 

Please note: Each adhesive board backing has a single-use. This 3M adhesive backing can be used once so ensure that you are placing it in the right position when applying. When you'd like to remove your board rails, they may leave some residue which can be easily wiped or cleaned off.